We are building the web3 home for Degens. This will be the one stop shop for all Degens for gaming, entertainment, and community vibes!

Phase 1: Token Launch & House Unveiling

Objective: Launch $HOD and unveil House of Degenerates, while aiming for a market cap of $1M and acquiring 1,000 holders.

  • Stealth launch of $HOD
  • Reveal House of Degenerates with living room launch
  • Host Fcktober Fest with events, giveaways, and surprises all of Degen Month
  • CMC/CG Listings

Phase 2: Expand Offerings & Utility

Objective: Grow House of Degenerates, targeting a market cap of $10M and growing to 2,500 holders.

  • Launch Degen League NFTs which grant access to an exclusive club
  • Play to Earn gaming and revenue share
  • Exchange Listings

Phase 3: Ultimate One-Stop Shop

Objective: Elevate House of Degenerates as the Degen hub, striving for a market cap of $100M and reaching 5,000 holders.

  • Build a more immersive experience and expansion to mansion
  • Integrate DApps for decentralized governance, in-app transactions, and reward programs.
  • Form partnerships with other DeFi projects

The roadmap page is still under development. Will be updated soon!